Scientific Research


Milk And Dairy Products Increases Human Nutrition And Health

  • The dairy farmers, processors, shopkeepers and other stakeholders are benefited with our research in milk and dairy products.
  • Many customers, industry and governments need up-to-date information on how milk and dairy products can contribute to human nutrition and how dairying and dairy-industry develops a best contribute to increasing food security and improving scarcity.
  • Our research is unique in sketching together the information on nutrition, dairying and dairy-industry development.
  • When farmers who make positive changes to protect their animals and improve their businesses then our research helps them.
  • Through our experiences with Trends tracking and working with health, wellness professionals and community leaders, we know that many questions arise about milk.

Dairy And Agricultural Farmers Gain Benefit From Our Research

Milk and dairy products are not only increases human health but also it is a great source to our nation. Our studies result theteamwork between the Agriculture, Customer Safety, Economic and Social Development Sections of the Food and Agriculture Group of the United Nations. We work for the benefit of dairy farmers and a business to take action and implement the new performs. We know that healthy dairy animals are well cared to make their live longer and yield more milk.

We encourage nutrient-rich foods as part of healthy eating patterns, in which milk and milk products is a cornerstone. Our recommendations are based on the scientific research and agreement science that check many health benefits of hat milk and milk products offer.